Canberry Marketing Service
Having the right marketing strategy is critical in achieving the best results. Marketing is both a science and a feeling.
We are confident our agents can provide the best strategies to market your property and give you the best advice so that your home stands out when first impressions count.
The Key Areas In Our Strategy
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Our Advanced Marketing Package
In keeping with our core values of delivering value, our advanced marketing package covers all the essentials to market your property at a competitive, affordable price.
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Property Connect
Property Connect brings a new element to property advertising. Highly detailed and targeted ads, that will attract your ideal buyer. Property Connect creates a completely unique campaign which is designed with your property and goals in mind.
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Tailored Packages
Being a boutique company we can tailor packages to suit the needs of your property and budget, we can create a marketing campaign that works for you
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A Fresh Approach
We have an inhouse graphic designer, professional photographer and videographer, which gives us greater control over timing and overall quality of the marketing of your property.
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Concierge Services
We are dedicated to Canberra locals and our Canberry membership & concierge services are designed to add value beyond the transaction. These services offer discounts from our partners, to you, our members and can assist you with the selling process.
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International Reach
We are a diverse team who have clients in many parts of the world, we use blogs and social media channels to reach audiences abroad. Our advertising connects with up to 3000 international buyers per post.
The 10 steps to selling your property with Canberry.
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Research your local market
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Have your property appraised
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Order Pest & Building Report
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Prepare your property for sale
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Engage a conveyancer or a lawyer to draw up a contract
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Marketing of your property
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Offers received or property goes to auction
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Contract signed and deposit paid
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Property Settles
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Celebrate a great result
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